Jean René Bouvier. Vice President & General Manager, Hewlett-Packard
"I've worked with Renaud in the context of large European telecommunication deployments of voice applications. He is creative, dedicated, and always looking for win-win agreements. He follows-up thoroughly and leaves no chance for things to fall through the cracks. He understands all aspects of relationships: commercial, technical, political. It's been a pleasure working with him."


Philippe Besseyre des Horts, Vice President Worlwide Sales Operations, Level (3) Communications
"Renaud is a very proficient Sales Executive, totally Business-oriented, speaks fluently German, French and English and has an in-depth knowledge of the European Telecoms markets. He would be a very valuable asset for any high tech company willing to grow his business."


Harald Doelz, Sales Business Development Manager, Cisco
"I worked with Renaud in a couple of projects from 2006 - 2010. During this period we had several opportunities to appreciate each other's work and learn. In specific, I found Renaud in his role as a Deputy CEO (Exec VP) at Speech-Design very proactive, result-oriented and entrepreneurial. He has a very strong understanding of the telecommunication market, both, in terms of business and markets as well as solutions. His passion is driving new solutions at an early-stage into the target market and helping service providers to generate new revenue streams with easy to manage solutions. Renaud is also very strong in consulting / negotiating at an execute level. It was my pleasure and privilege to work with Renaud Munier."


Praveen Govender, Country Manager, HP Software & Solutions, South Africa

"While working at Speech Design I reported indirectly to Renaud. I am still in contact with Renaud as I he has over the years, whilst at Speech Design, and thereafter been an invaluable mentor and guide. Renaud has always conducted his business as a gentleman with unwavering professionalism. Due to the diverse roles he has taken on at Speech Design I believe that Renaud would make an invaluable asset to any organization."


Neil Corder, Technical Manager, Speech Design (UK)
"Renaud's efficiency, support and professionalism helped us grow our UK operation, with a focus on building relationships and financial growth.
I would warmly recommend Renaud for any future employer, and I wish him every success in the future."


Johan Westerberg. Country Sales Manager Denmark Genesys Conferencing
"Have been a business partner with Speech Design since 1993 & have worked with Renaud during this time. As such I know Renaud well and its my true pleasure to give him my very best recommendations of his achievements. Renaud has been instrumental and the key person in building the Speech Design business to become the leading provider of voice applications in EMEA. Renaud has the rare combination of beeing very clearsigthed & innovative on the strategic level and "reading" the market correctly and at the same time beeing a top performer in implementing/executing the sales operation. During our more than 12 years of cooperation Renaud has allways kept his word and been 100 % trustworthy which has made a pleasure to have had the opportunity to work together."


Marco Pasculli, Director Hosted Solutions Sales EMEA, Avaya EMEA

"Renaud is both a senior professional with international culture and experience and a great person. I had the pleasure to work with him in different time but always received the impression of somebody capable to provide trust and reliability to customers and partners insuring with his professional attitude and care of details. Always following tasks, I had the pleasure to know Renaud as a friend and I am proud to count him in my very short list of trustable people."


Brian Diamond, WW Lotus Foundations Exec, IBM Canada Ltd
"I first met Renaud at IBM's LotusPhere showcase on January 2008, and at that time he made an intriguing business proposal to me. The basis of the proposal involved the collaboration of our two companies to develop a solution which would be sold by European Telcos. I must admit that I was sceptical in the beginning that we could execute on his plan, but Renaud made me a believer. Over the past two years, his vision, tenacity and good business sense has produced a solution which has been well received by the Telco industry. The magnitude of the task of bringing several dispirit divisions of a global company together and make them execute as a team is no mean feat, yet Renaud was responsible for making this happen. On every occasion where we faced a roadblock, Renaud was able to provide a work around to solve the problem. Renaud is a dedicated, tireless executive, with excellent business skills and industry knowledge. He possesses the drive and tenacity to execute on his own vision or the requirements of the task at hand. It has been a great pleasure to work with him, and I wish him great success in the future".


Damien Ducourty, Global Partnership & Business Development Manager, Telisma
"I've worked with Renaud in the context of the introduction of very innovative technologies that were slightly early to market. Renaud shown patience, dedication and forward looking. He decided to build good understanding of the systems, network of players and relationship that will surface from the changes brought along to the industry. His dedication added to his understanding of multicultural behaviour lead him to quickly become a key player in the european speech technology solutions sector."


Elmar Zahner, OEM Sales Director, Envox Worldwide EMEA
"Renaud is a very talented individual with both highly developed sales and marketing skills. He has a strong understanding of how technology can benefit a business and crucially can translate this into advantages for his company. With his activities, he growth and plants the seeds of partnership and international leverage."


Philippe DEWOST, Co-founder & Product Manager, Wanadoo
"Renaud is a tenacious, patient, long term driven sales expert with a very sharp and restless sense of moving forward."


Alain Decartes, WW Business Strategy Manager, Hewlett Packard
"Renaud is a highly creative and visionary executive that has always looked at original solutions that are answering his customer's needs."


David Brebner, General Manager, Hewlett Packard
"I would not hesitate to recommend Renaud. Very able sales leader who can be relied upon in competitively difficult and financially challenged situations Determined, persuasive, reliable and delivers."


Jorge Pestana, Global Client Business Manager, Hewlett-Packard
"Renaud is a consistent and solid professional with a clear focus and push to drive business forward. He does not accept defeat and always tries to find new ways to fight back. He is creative during selling processes and usually provides solid arguments to respond to customer concerns."


France Loubier, WW Channel Sales Executive, IBM
"I have met Mr. Munier as a partner for IBM. I was highly impressed at the network he had established in a short amount of time with some of our executives. Being able to capture the minds of those executives require to present and communicate efficiently a sound strategy that benefit both parties. His relationship, networking and vision setting skills were definitely and asset that helped him in the past and will be of good use in assisting other companies in developing growth strategies in this ever changing market."


Jos de Kruijf, President & COO, Miyowa
"Renaud is a professional and extremely competent Business Development Executive, building strong and meaningful relationships with clients and colleagues alike. He is an excellent communicator, keeping teams and partners updated at every stage of the sales process. Renaud lacks the "loner" approach so often seen in business, preferring to engage all team members and accept recommendations and advice from others in order to enhance the sales and project effort. It has been a pleasure working with him and I would happily recommend Renaud as a colleague, team player and sales professional."


Christian Blaas, Sales Manager Mobile Devices, Germany, Nokia Enterprise Solutions
"Renaud and I worked on several projects. I know him as a reliable person and it was always a pleassure for me working with him."


Inga Bayer, HR Manager, Speech Design Carrier Systems GmbH
"Renaud is a high-qualified Sales Manager who watches the balance sheet like a hawk without losing sight of the strategic objective. His main talent is to built up long-term relations to all different kind of people."


Pierre Millot, Professional Services Manager France, Critical Path
"I've worked with Renaud in the scope of projects for European Tier-one operators.
Renaud is brilliant in exposing the benefits of a solution or the quality of the bidding consortium. He's able to convince people equally well in french, english or german. Because of the energy Renaud communicate to a team, it has been a real pleasure to work with him."


Tilman Dorscht, International Enterprise Account Manager, HP Sales
"It's great to work with Renaud. He's a very reliable, business focussed person who hasn't forgotten that personal interaction is the base for trusted relationship."


Malcolm Glasgow, BT

"Renaud has years of experience in the industry and has supported BT with his innovative applications, delivered with professionalism and integrety. In addition his contribution within the VMA Executive Committee, a position he has held for a number of years, has ensured that his knowledge and pleasant manner are appreciated across a range of businesses, globally. I am delighted to endorse him.
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity"


Bertrand Gatellier, President, VMA - International Association for Enhanced Voice Services
"For the last 5 years, Renaud has proved a valuable member of the VMA Board, bringing a lot of energy and new ideas to help the Association growing depite the tuff time the industry has been facing.
Renaud is committed and focused on results."


Klemens Rosenwald, Owner, Voxlink
"Renaud is a very professional and creative person, always helpful and keeps his word. He is popular in the market and at his customers. It is a pleasure to work with him."